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This vehicle was converted by a previous owner from a Mera to a F308 replica. I plan to eventually change it back to the initial configuration but must complete another project first. This is essentially a stock vehicle with following modifications:

  • Design One turbo system
  • New head unit
  • Installed 88 Chromadora wheels
  • Substituted C4 seats
  • Added a boost gauge to the GT instrument package
  • Modified and relocated front marker lights
  • Removed rear backup lights and modified amber lenses to include a clear center section for backup lights
  • Removed all Mera identification and rebadged it as a F308
Owner: Nelson T.

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This specific vehicle is a 1987 Mera with a five speed Getrag 282 transmission and it is stock with the following exceptions:

  • Upgraded to a 3.4 pushrod engine plus turbo
  • Replaced stock upper and middle intakes with Truelo intake
  • Substituted smokey chrome valve covers for the stock covers
  • Added boost and fuel/air gauges
  • Replaced the stock head unit with an Alpine unit
  • Changed the initial factory color from white to a gunmetal gray with pearl
  • Added MrMike's leather seat covers
Owner: Nelson T.

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This vehicle is a 1988 Mera that was one of 247 cars produced by Pontiac and Corporate Concepts of Carpac, Michigan in 1987 and 1988. The car was only available new from Pontiac as a dealer option and was priced slightly less than the Corvette. Less than 80 of the vehicles are currently known to still exist throughout the world based on the Mera registry.

This specific vehicle is number four of the 1988 production run and has been a restoration project for the last eight years. It was built on a GT frame (one of six known to have been built) instead of the more common SE platform. All major restoration work has been completed and only small details remain to complete the process which is more than 99% finished.

The changes from the stock configuration are as follows:

  • The color was changed from the original DuPont white to red.
  • The original 2.8 liter V6 has been exchanged for a modified 2006 GTP engine (3800 SC Series III) with a Northstar throttle valve, VS cam, 3.4 pulley, and an intercooler.
  • An electronic cruise control has been added to make long trips easier.
  • The original interior has been updated to a more modern F355 style.
  • CJB T-Tops (1988 factory option) were installed on this vehicle. An aftermarket head unit, navigation unit, rear view camera, auto dimming mirror, AeroTech and boost gauges, and upgraded speakers were installed during the renovation.

Owner: Nelson T.

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Jacob's 88's Mera is # 8011 which is an early 88 production model. Jacob is the third owner. From what Rick (previous owner) had researched and been told, it is one of only six 88 Mera’s ever produced on a GT chassis instead of the lower cost Formula platform.

It is equipped with:

  • 5-speed Getrag gearbox
  • Original Fiero GT leather
  • Performance Sound (Subwoofer)
  • Factory EQ cassette radio
  • The GT steering wheel (since it was a GT to begin with)
  • Sunroof with sunshade and storage bag
  • Power windows
  • Power locks
  • Tilt wheel
  • Cruise control and factory wheel locks

The 2.8 V6 engine has been replaced with a 3.4 push-rod V6 custom built by West Coast Fiero. With the larger 3.4 engine Jacob's Mera will now easily outperform a stock Fiero GT with the 2.8, but retains the original engine compartment look.

Owner: Jacob C.

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Aloha from Hawaii! Mera #8044 belongs to Thomas M. He has owned this gem for about four years now. It is perhaps one of the lowest mileage Mera’s out there, with only 28,600 miles. Based on a Carfax and other evidence (receipts for tires and battery), it appears the car was sold through the (only) GM dealership in Hilo, and then spent most of its life in the Kailua-Kona and Capt Cook area of the Big Island. About two years ago, Thomas decided to undergo a process to make it more “Mera” by removing all of the F-car badging. He got tired of explaining to people that it was a classic Pontiac Mera, and then having to explain why it was badged out to appear like a Ferrari 308. People would look at it and say, oh, just another kit-car. So although his Mera is not an “authentic” off-the-assembly line Mera, it is closer to a real Mera than anything else. It is basically stock, although it has the following improvements:

  • Twin rear decklid struts
  • Whistler back-up warning system
  • Alpine stereo system
  • Upgraded front/rear speakers
  • Momo steering wheel with NRG short adaptor
  • Fiamm dual air horn
  • Code Alarm system
  • Radio antenna hidden in front truck
  • Poly end links on rear sway bar and dog bone
  • K&N air filter
  • MSD coil, distributor cap, rotor
  • Accel 8mm wires
  • Custom embroidered spare tire cover (embroidered with "MERA 8044)
  • New sun visors
  • 180 deg thermostat
  • 185/195 deg low temp fan switch.

By a strange coincidence, his Mera’s sister car, #8045 (VIN 1G2PE1196JP208710) , appeared about the same time (2007) in Honolulu. Unfortunately, #8045 did not lead a charmed life as his, as the frame was totally rusted beyond repair. Mera #8045 disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared. Last word he had was that it was sold to someone who had removed the Mera panels, and had them in storage someplace, to be fitted onto another chassis.

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1988 Mera 8071
Owner Julian L. Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
He has owned this car since 2000. Julian has since redone the entire interior of the car. Never cared for the drab Fiero gray with ugly gray carpet. Decided to go with a two-tone look. Midnight gray/light gray as well as a nice black carpet. It makes a world of difference and is not too flashy. The seats are from Mr. Mike's. He also blacked out the windows and changed the horn to a European type. The tires that came with the car when he purchased it were 245-50-15 all around. He was thinking of lowering the car to get rid of the big gap in the wheel wells but instead Julian just installed 255-60-15 all around with raised white letters. He also ran a CarFax Report on his MERA in 2009 and found out that the engine was replaced at 82,000 miles. This was an insurance issue and after contacting the owner at the time of the swap, he tells Julian that it was a new crated engine that was installed. The exhaust system was redone in 1999 and a new catalytic convertor in 2009. The exhaust tips were not the originals when he purchased the MERA so Julian added oval tips to fill the gap in the lower rear panel. The car is not 100% as it was in the showroom but has been slightly cosmetically modified.

  • Vin. 1G2PE1196JP213227
  • Sales date 10/5/88 around $27,000 and titled 11/28/88 by Lilian T...., Cleveland, OH
  • Sold to husband Rudolph T... 10/28/93 at 044001mi. Wayne, PA
  • Engine replaced at 82,000mi
  • Sold to Robert G... in 1998 at 102,000mi. Atlantic City NJ
  • Sold to Julian L... 11/2/2000 at 114,000mi. Ontario, Canada

  • Formula Chassis
  • 2.8L V6
  • Auto Trans.
  • AM/FM casette stereo with equalizer
  • (Under dash factory sub, amp and dome light switch added later)
  • Tilt
  • Controlled wipers
  • A/C
  • Lamp group
  • Vanity mirror (since removed)
  • Cruise control
  • Power locks
  • Power windows
  • Dealer installed alarm and old school hard wired dealer installed cell phone (since removed)
  • Mera package Fly Yellow (repainted in 2006 same colour)
  • Pentaspoke spoke Chromodora rims
  • Good Year Gatorback tires 265-50VR-15 and 245-50VR-15 (255-60-15 BF Goodrich raised white letters all around now)
  • Power mirrors (since removed and replaced with a smaller manual version)
  • Added Nardi steering wheel (was "H" type) & Mr. Mikes two-tone leather seats (were gray cloth)
  • Replaced original gray carpet with black. Added leather shift knob.
  • Replaced roof liner and recovered door skins.
  • Still sporting all Mera emblems (missing one wheel center)
  • Added the MERA engine cover plaque from Rodney Dickman.

    No T-top or sunroof. No rear window defrost.

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This is a 1988 Mera based on a SE frame with a five speed Getrag 282. It is currently partially disassembled for an engine conversion (SBC 383). The interior is also stripped and will receive a 1988 Beechwood interior removed from another 1988 Mera that I own. The build will include a new head unit, installation of a Performance Sound system, electronic cruise control, and paint. The factory color was black but may be converted to British Racing Green at a later date.

Owner: Nelson T.

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Mera 8151 was originally from Longview Texas. 8151 spent several years in the southwest working for several car auction houses. From the southwest it was off to Kansas for a short stay before heading to the Big Apple to be owned by the HOTTEST, PRETTIEST and SEXIEST, sixtyish lady Dana ever met!! Since 2002, 8151 has been in southern Maine cruising the summer beaches.

Owner: Dana

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